Maintenance Shop

Maintenance Management isn’t rocket science, it’s harder!

General Maintenance

Words of wisdom from an old maintenance foreman….”get me the parts and get the ____ out of my way”… provides resources and solutions for maintenance & reliability professionals from around the world. It includes links to many valuable maintenance resources… or forum…

The Plant Maintenance Resource Center… is the premier web resource for industrial Maintenance professionals. It includes links to many maintenance valuable resources.

Other maintenace sites that are helpful…

Maintenance world is a resource for maintenance management and reliability information.

NetexpressUSA Inc. home of the Network of Maintenance and Reliability web sites

Handbooks in physics,thermodynamics, math, instrumentation and etc
Online Approved DOE Technical Standards

Click on “Offices” go to Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) is the Department of Energy’s (DOE)

Go to “Information Center” and Click on “DOE Technical Standards Program”

Click on “Approved standards”

Instrument Shop

Calibrating an instrument is important….
but make sure the lines to the instrument are clear and tight…Nerds in Control…Information on controls

Electrical and PLC…Industrial test and video company (PLC and general controls)

Basic controls

Control Magazine

Electrical Toolbox


Predictive Maintenance

–Vibration information
–Oil Analysis
 –Failure Analysis
 –Energy efficiency

Vibration information

Azima DLI
click on “Training resources”  and then click on “Vibratiion  Analysis Reference”

Oil Analysis

Noria Corporation… oil analysis and best practice lubrication programs
Also check out their tips about lubrication by maintenance people.


Snell Infrared is an independent and unbiased thermographic training company      Click on the “Knowledge Center” 

Boldstar Infrared Services ….infrared thermography, ultrasonic and vibration analysis inspection.  Click on “About us”  bottom page locate “Thermal Services Brochure”

IRINFO.ORG is a group of infrared professionals Click on “Technical”

 Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, and Non Destructive Evaluation (great site)

Society for machinery failure prevention  Click “Proceedings” and then “Unpublished material

Society of Diagnostic Engineers

Computer Shop

If you can’t find it here , check with the
Computer Dept. Engineering

Internet search engine

Computer Hope…. general computer information

Computer and communication…general computer info and standards

Tek_tips forums Ask software or hardware question

Sun Informantion …help for Sun users

UNIX users

Planning and Scheduling

Who is working on tomorrow?

Still looking for website…

Safety Department

Remember the only EMERGENCY work order is 911.

NIOSH…National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health…federal agency making recommendations to prevent of work-related injury and illness.

NIOSH Building clean info

Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc

Safety and risk management info

Down load OSHA info

Environmental Department

Maintenance people are environmentalist….they repair it, instead of placing it in the landfill

EPA home…select air, water and waste

Environmental Protection on-line

Pollution Engineering magazine

Article archive from Pollution Magazine