Engineering Office

“The best way to reduce maintenance costs….
Design it right the first time ! “

“The best mechanical design for maintenance…
Is the one with the fewest moving parts”

By Fred J. Weber

General Engineering

Online Approved DOE Technical Standards
“PDF” Handbooks in physics,thermodynamics, math, instrumentation and etc
Click on “Standards”  then click on “Archieve”

Cheresources excellent site for chemical and process engineers

The Engineering Toolbox

eFunda is a premier online of engineering fundamentals and calculators.

On-line Engineering tool to assist in design, construction and maintaining your facility

Eng-tips and feedback forum

Mechanical components everything from fitting to tools
Click on “Technology” or “More”

Mechanical Engineering  forums and downloads

Control Engineering

Looking for control problems:
1. Output stays at 0%
2. Output stays at 100%
3. Output goes from 0% to 100%…Nerds in Control…Information on controls

Electrical and PLC…Industrial test and video company (PLC and general controls) site for learning controls and instrumentation

Control Magazine

Computer Engineering

Number one solution to any computer problem….“turn off the power”

Computer Hope…. general computer information

PLC Talk….forum and info for plc  (not secure)

Computer and communication…general computer info and standards

Tek tips forums Ask software or hardware question

UNIX users…Unix and Linux forums

Mechanical Engineering

Pump and piping…understanding pumps, motors and their control

Pipe design Central… info on planning a piping job   ….click on “Download chapter 1”

The Piping Engineering World

Hydraulic Institute Pump
Go to “Data Library”  and   click on “Visit the Library”

The Engineering Toolbox

Gases and Compressed Air   ….click on “Gases and Compressed air”

Structural and Materials….Spreadsheet for Structual  calculations

Bulk and Powder …   click on “Solution

Corrosion…  click on “Free Content”

Defense and federal specification…  US government standards

Weight standards

Inventor’s Workshop

Why is maintenance always redesigning equipment ?

“I believe it’s because 50 % of all maintenance people are related to Thomas A. Edison.”

Steps for an sucessful invention
1. Get an idea
2. Write/sketch it down.
3. Search the web (look for images) and search
4. Design it.
5. Build it
6. Calculate the cost
    A. (+) costs…What you can sell the product for ?)
    B. (-) costs…. What it costs to design it, build it, ship it, market it , account it, lawyer it and etc. ?
7. When the (+) costs are greater than the (-) costs
Patent it , Manufacture it, and Sell it !

Useful web sites

US patent office…

Inventor fraud…

European Patent office…

Physics, Chemistry and Math Web sites

physics forums

Basic physics

Physics websites

Industrial physics web site

Chemistry Periodic table

Math calculation

Alternate energy…

NASA technical papers…

“PDF” Handbooks in physics,thermodynamics, math, instrumentation and etc
Online Approved DOE Technical Standards
Click on “Offices” go to Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) is the Department of Energy’s (DOE)
Go to “Information Center” and Click on “DOE Technical Standards Program”
Click on “Approved standards”